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How do I delete or remove a linked brand/account?
How do I delete or remove a linked brand/account?
Learn now to delete/remove a linked brand/account here.
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You may unlink a brand by deleting and removing it.  Please note that this will delete that brand and all of it's contents (this cannot be undone)

Please use the steps below as a guideline:

Unlink & Cancel Brands within 17hats:

  • Once logged into the Master brand, go to your Account Settings then click on My Account to see a list of your linked brands 

  • Next to each linked brand you will see an X next to "Linked"

  • Click the X to receive a dialog window warning you that this option will delete this brand, and the action cannot be undone

  • Check off the warning and click "Yes" to delete this brand:

Keep in mind: 

  • Only the Owner of the 17hats brand can unlink and cancel additional brands

  • The Owner must be logged into the Master Brand to make these changes

* This feature may not be available on all plan types.

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