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Learn how to add a tax rate and apply them quotes and invoices.
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The Tax Settings page allows you to create various tax rates that can be applied to Quotes and Invoices. Creating these rates makes calculating tax on those documents a more streamlined process.
To add a tax rate to your Quotes and Invoices, you first need to create a tax rate. You can do this within Account Settings > Tax Settings.

Once you have your rates set up, you can then add the tax rate to your Quotes and Invoices. You’ll first select the tax rate needed within the header of the Quote or Invoice. 

Then, once you add each line item to the document, you’ll mark the item as taxable along with the specific tax rate:

Pro-Tip! Save your line items within the Products & Services page and set them as taxable. The tax settings on each line item will auto-fill once the tax rate on the header of your document is selected. 

The taxable box and the tax rate box on the line item tells the system that the item is taxable and at the specified rate. 

The tax rate on the header of the document tells the system that the tax rate should be calculated for the document and at what rate(s). So, if you don't check off a rate, or the correct rate, on the header of the invoice the system won't know to calculate the taxable amount. 

Once the tax rate is checked off on both the header of the document and in the specified areas on each line item the taxable amount will show. 

Note: It's best to avoid editing tax rates if your tax rates change. It's better to create a new tax rate and apply that one so the old rate remains intact for bookkeeping and historical Invoice records.

Now that you have your tax rates ready and know how to apply them to your Quotes and Invoices, add your frequently purchased products & services. 


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