Fundy Designer Integration
Learn how to import your Fundy Orders directly into 17hats
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17hats now integrates with Fundy Designer so new orders can be imported directly to your 17hats Client Projects and your 17hats Bookkeeping!

Please note, this is not a live sync with Fundy (since it is a desktop program) and you will only need to "enable" the integration to see the option to import your orders on projects within 17hats.

Steps to Connect:

  1. Log into your 17hats account and navigate to your Account Settings > Integrations

  2. Scroll down to Fundy and click "Enable"

  3. In the dialog window, please choose your selections:

  • Income Category: Select which income category you want the Fundy order Invoice to map the imported products to. (Please note that these can be edited for further customization on the invoice once the order has been imported.)     >>> Tip: Create a custom income category titled "Fundy Sales" to track all payments to these types of 17hats invoices. (Under your Bookkeeping options)

  • Bank Account: When importing "paid orders" through Fundy, an invoice payment will be automatically applied and recorded to this account.*
    >>> Tip: No Bank Account synced? Create a manual account for record keeping (under your Bookkeeping options)

Once these options have been selected click save. 

How do I import a new order?

  1. Navigate to your client's 17hats Project page, 

  2. Click "Create New"

  3. Select "Import Fundy Order" from the menu

  4. Check off whether the order is paid or not paid

  5. Select the .XML file to import 

  6. The Fundy Order (.xml file) will create a new invoice within their project 

>>> Not sure how to export an .xml file from Fundy? Click here to learn more on how to export the an XML file from within Fundy


Will my orders import automatically?
No, orders need to be imported manually into their associated 17hats projects 

I accidentally marked an Order as paid while importing, but it was only paid half, how can I remove the full payment?

  1. On your Bookkeeping tab in 17hats, find the payment and use the dropdown arrow to edit > remove from invoice

  2. Once the payment has been removed from the invoice, you can then delete the transaction from your bookkeeping tab and re-apply a partial payment to the invoice 

Can my Client's Fundy Order be paid/processed through 17hats?
Yes! Once the order has been imported and a 17hats invoice has been created, just click "send invoice", or "send reminder" to send the invoice for payment. Your Payment Processor that is synced to 17hats will be used to process the payment.

* This feature my not be available on all plan types.

As always, feel free to reach out via Live Chat if you still have any remaining questions and we'll be happy to help out!

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