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Learn how to set-up and share workflow, email, and other document templates
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Please note: Template sharing and the Template Marketplace are only available in Premier (Level 3) plans.

17hats Shared Templates allows you to share your e-mail, document and workflow templates from one 17hats account to another.  The accounts do not need to be linked so you can share templates with your friends and referrals, or connect them with any of your linked brands. 

Let's dive into how to share your templates

Step 1: Select Your Templates

First, click on the document icon on the top right hand side of your screen to go to your "Documents & Emails" template page. Now, click on the "Sharing" tab. 

Next, click on the "Start Sharing Templates" button to begin. 

You'll then be prompted to choose a single template to share, or create a bundle of templates to share. 

Sharing Single Templates

To share a single template, select the first tab at the top of the pop-up. You can filter your view by template type which is located on the top right hand-side. 

Once you find the single template you'd like to share, check-off the copyright disclaimer and click the "share template" button as shown with the green arrows below.

Sharing a Bundle of Templates

To share a bundle of templates or workflows, select the second tab at the top of the pop-up. You can again filter your view by template type which is located on the top right hand-side of the window.

Next, type in a bundle name. We recommend using a name that will represent what the bundle will include to help you stay better organized. Keep in mind, the recipient will not see the bundle name so you can type in anything you'd like. 

Next, select the templates you wish to include by using the check boxes next to the name of the template in your list. 

Then, check-off the copyright disclaimer and click the "share template" button as shown with the green arrows below.


Step 2: Send Your Access Code

The next step is to send the access code. Each shared template or bundle will have its own unique access code which is what the recipient will use to download the content.

Here you can either copy the code to your clipboard or send the code via Email. 

Clicking on the "Send Via Email" button will bring up the email prompt for sending the email access code. A pre-written email with instructions as well as the access code has been made for your convenience, but you can always customize this as needed. 

Once done, click the "send now" button to send the message to your recipient. 

Keep in mind, there is no limit to the number of people who can use the same access code, so you can share it with as many 17hats users as you'd like. 


Step 3: Import Templates

Once shared, your recipient will be able to import your templates. To import templates into your 17hats account, first go to your "Documents & Emails" tab located in your "Account Settings".

Under the "My Templates" Tab, click on the "Import" Button. 

Here you'll type in the unique access code for the template or bundle you wish to import. 

Imported templates will be labeled with "Import" so you can easily find them in your account. 

Imported documents and emails will appear under the "My Templates" tab and imported workflows will appear under the "Workflows" tab in "Account Settings"


Quick Tips

  • Imported templates may contain personal settings or pieces of information from the previous owner. Once you've made an import, be sure to preview each template and make any necessary changes based on your business needs. 

  • Imported Workflow templates will use your default 17hats calendar, so you will also want to adjust this if necessary. 

  • You can rename each template to fit your own labeling structure. 

  • If you import the same bundle or template more than once, you'll be asked if you want to replace the original item with the most updated version. 

  • You can find all the templates you've created for sharing within your "Sharing" tab for future reference. You can also edit your bundles, share via email, or delete your shared template. Deleting your shared templates will not remove them from the recipients account or from the master template, but it will prevent future imports from happening. 

If you have any additional questions, don't hesitate to reach out to our Business Support Team using the messenger icon located in the lower right hand corner of your account. 

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