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Answer Mapping in Questionnaires & Lead Capture Forms
Answer Mapping in Questionnaires & Lead Capture Forms
Discover how to automatically put data from your forms into your Contacts and Projects
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If you ask questions of your clients in order to provide your services, you'll probably want to put those details into their Contact record or Project Details. This is where "Answer Mapping" comes in! You can map your client's answers from Lead Capture Forms and Questionnaire documents to the appropriate Contact or Project Fields.

"Name" and "Email" are always added to Lead Capture Forms by default as these is the minimum amount of information needed to create a Contact; these Questions are always mapped to the "Name" and "Email" Contact fields respectively. Others you might add yourself could include a Date Question titled "Event Date" and mapped to Project Date, or a Choose From A List Question which lists your services titled "Which service are you enquiring about today?" mapped to Project Name.

You can also map answers to any Custom Fields you have created, as long as the Question Type and Field Type are the same (e.g. you cannot map a Date Question to a Short Answer Field).

To start mapping answers, edit or add a new question to your questionnaire and use the dropdown Maps to:

If you map a Questionnaire Question to a field that has data in it already (e.g. the Email Address field), that Question will have the answer pre-filled when the client views it. The pre-filled answer can then be updated by the client, or left as is when submitting:

Important to Note:

  • "Project Date" can only be Mapped to from a Lead Capture Form

  • You can map to "Project Notes" multiple times. Each answer that is mapped to this field will create its own Project Note, saved in the order they are within the Questionnaire or Lead Capture Form

  • Project Notes will not show as pre-populated answers on Questionnaires

  • If you map a Question to a Custom Field, the answers will be "inherited" from the Custom Field Settings:


As always, feel free to reach out via Live Chat if you still have any remaining questions and we'll be happy to help out!

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