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Learn how to add custom fields into 17hats, and get answers to common questions about this new feature
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Custom Fields allow you to create additional informational fields so you can better organize and track needed information for your contacts and their projects. 

They can be used to track other team members working on the project, how your customer prefers to be contacted, anniversary dates, or any other information you need to know. 

How to Add Custom Fields

Create custom fields for your Contacts and Projects by navigating to your Account Settings and clicking on Custom Fields:

Once on this page, add a custom field by selecting the field's format:

Please Note: 

  • The "Date" field type is not an event. This information will not be added to your calendar as an event, however the date can be used as tokens in emails and contracts where additional dates are needed to be automatically filled in. 

  • If you update a Custom field, you need to go back and update your lead capture form and questionnaire "maps to" selections. 


Where do Custom Fields Appear?

Custom Contact Fields will appear within the "Contacts Details" section for your customer.

You can edit these by clicking the "edit" button next to the "Contact Details" button and selecting the "Edit Contact" option. 

Custom Project Fields will appear within the Project Details section as those fields have information added to them. 

Where can Custom Fields be used?

  • Contact information

  • Project Information

  • Tokens in Emails

  • Tokens in Contracts

  • Tokens in Client Portal Welcome Messages (*Only custom Contact Fields)

  • "maps to" on Lead Capture Forms

Who has access to editing and using Custom Fields?

  • Only the Owner and Admin users can create and edit custom fields

  • Team Member Users cannot create or edit custom fields in an account.

  •  Team Members CANNOT see custom fields at all unless the field is filled in on the contact or project. 

Can Custom Fields be exported?


As always, feel free to reach out via Live Chat if you still have any remaining questions and we'll be happy to help out!

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