Manually Adding Leads
Follow these steps when adding a new lead internally into 17hats
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When adding a lead internally you will want to go to your Leads tab and click on the (+) button. 

Select "Use Lead Capture forms":

A dialog window will open allowing you to use an existing Lead Capture Form to enter in all of your Leads information. 

Once all of the information is entered, you can select from the following workflow options:

  • Existing: [This is the Workflow that would be applied if submitted externally, based on your Lead Capture Form settings]

  • None: Don't attach a workflow

  • Other: Choose a different workflow 

When you have selected what workflow you'd like to add, you can then choose between:

  • "Approve before sending": This will turn all action steps that are set to automatically send "0 days after activating this workflow" into "approve steps"

  • "Continue as normal": The workflow will be started and all automatic steps will send as normal 

Please note: Lead Capture Form auto-reply emails will never send when adding a lead via the internal lead capture form. 

Click "Save" to then see your new Lead added into 17hats as a "Hot Lead" Contact with a new Project along with the proper workflow started. [......isn't automation great?!]


As always, feel free to reach out via Live Chat if you still have any remaining questions and we'll be happy to help out!

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