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How To: Connect Calendly to 17hats Through Google Calendar
How To: Connect Calendly to 17hats Through Google Calendar
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If you have an account with Calendly and want it to work together with 17hats so your customers can pick their own appointment times, this guide is for you. Please note this will only function correctly if Calendly and 17hats are synchronising to the same Google Calendar; Calendly > Google Calendar A > Google Calendar B > 17hats will not work.

Please note that 17hats does not officially endorse or support third party applications. In the event that Calendly or any other third party service becomes unavailable, 17hats is not responsible and most likely cannot help.

If you already have a Google Calendar you'd like to use, feel free to go ahead and skip to Step 2.

Step 1 - Creating A Google Calendar

  • Fill out the information and click Create Calendar

Step 2 - Connect your Google Calendar to Calendly

Please follow the official Calendly setup guide on getting your calendar connected:

Step 3 - Connect your Google Calendar to 17hats

  • Click the gear icon in the top right hand corner to navigate to Account Settings:

  • Then click Calendars

  • And finally the Connect Google Calendar button: 

  • Enter the Google email address you created the Calendar under and click Connect

  • You will be taken to Google, where you may be asked to log in again. You'll then be prompted to provide permission for 17hats to access your account; click Allow:

  • You'll be taken back to 17hats; select the calendar you attached to Calendly and any other calendars you want to sync into 17hats, and then click Save: 

Congratulations! Your Calendly appointments should now show up in your 17hats account, and events scheduled with a date and time in 17hats should cause Calendly to show those times as unavailable.

Step 4 - Assign appointments to their Project

Because 17hats and Calendly are not actually integrated, 17hats cannot automatically attach appointments scheduled through Calendly to the corresponding 17hats Project. To do this manually, find and click the appointment on your Calendars page to open up the Edit Event window: 

In the Project field, at the bottom of the window, start typing the name of the Contact or Project you wish to attach the appointment to; results will be displayed as you type: 

Click the Project you want to associate the appointment with, and then click "Save".

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