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Track when your clients first read an email sent from 17hats
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17hats members can now track when emails sent from 17hats have been first opened by their clients! To turn this on go to your Account Settings > Email Settings:


Important Notes Regarding Tracking Pixels

To achieve this result, 17hats uses what are called Tracking Pixels - An image with a transparent pixel is placed in the email. Adding any inline image within your email will marginally increase your spam score.

Due to certain privacy plug-ins, our tracking pixels could end up being filtered out by recipient email systems, and if the recipient email address has turned off the ability to view/receive images within emails, the opening of this email will not be visible to our system.

Also, Since we are adding a tracking pixel to your email, this could cause your spam score to increase. It is not something to be generally concerned about, but we do think members should be aware. Depending on the rest of your content, it could be the 'straw that breaks the camel's back'. Just be aware and attentive. If you are sending clean emails (not a lot of images or pdfs), you should be fine.



Once your Email Settings have been updated, you will now see "Unread" and "Read by Client" labels on your Outgoing 17hats emails. To see a timestamp hover your mouse over the text "Read by Client"

If Read Receipts are turned off, these emails will be labeled "Sent". 

Want to know more about email labels? Take a look at our article for a comprehensive list of all email labels.



What if an email is sent to more than one person?
The Email will be labeled "unread" until the first/primary person reads the email. If the other recipients have read the email, you will be able to see this by opening up the email within 17hats:

Will this track when CC'ed email addresses open the email?
No, only emails sent "To" specific email addresses are tracked

If BCC is turned on in my settings, and I open the email in my inbox - will it count that as the client reading the email?
No, opening an email that you are BCC'ed on will not count as a view

If I reply in my email provider, can I see when that email is opened?
No, 17hats is only able to track an email being opened if it was sent from within 17hats

Why am I seeing 2 outgoing emails in Gmail when I send an email from 17hats?
Make sure to turn off the BCC setting in 17hats if you are a Gmail/GSuite User.  You do not need to have this turned on, as we already sync outgoing emails to your Sent folder within Gmail/GSuite. 

I see my outgoing 17hats email in my Sent Folder in Gmail, if I open the email there, will it count as the client view?
If you are not logged into 17hats in the same browsing session - unfortunately, yes. Viewing sent 17hats emails from within your Sent Folder in Gmail will count as the client opening the email, as we are unable to distinguish between a client viewing this, and you viewing this email.
Note: This only applies to Gmail/GSuite Users, viewing the sent email within their sent folder.

* This feature may not be available on all plan types.


As always, feel free to reach out via Live Chat if you still have any remaining questions and we'll be happy to help out!

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