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Previews of Images/PDFs in 17hats + Receipts for Transactions
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Receipts can be uploaded and viewed on each transactions within your Bookkeeping tab, with the ability to view and download them later as needed.

To upload, click the dropdown arrow to the right of a transaction, and select "add receipt"

Note: You can select and upload multiple receipts, but each file must be smaller then 75 mb

Once uploaded, easily view your receipts within 17hats by clicking the camera icon, or "view receipt" selection in the dropdown (see image below).

When viewing the receipt, you have the option to download or delete it, as well as toggle between multiple receipts, if more than one are added to that same transaction.



You can now click "preview" on your uploaded PDF, JPEG and PNG files - and easily see the file in a pop-up box - no need to download to view it!

Where to see this:

On an active project, scroll down and click the "Files" tab, and you'll see this new functionality option.

Once you click "View", it will open a dialog window that display the file, and provides the option to download it as well.

Note: Previews will only be available for these file types:

  • PDF

  • JPEG

  • PNG

All other file types will need to be downloaded locally in order to view. 


As always, feel free to reach out via Live Chat if you still have any remaining questions and we'll be happy to help out!

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