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Email Settings - Document Email Reminders
Email Settings - Document Email Reminders
Learn how to customize automatic email reminders for upcoming and past due documents.
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17hats saves you time by automating reminders for upcoming and past-due documents. You can turn on reminders for each document type and customize the message that is sent. You'll also be able to set rules for when each automatic reminder will go out. 

Since 17hats automates your document reminders for you, you won't need to included them in your workflows.

Note: Reminder emails only send for active project documents, and a due date must be set.

To Turn on your Document Email Reminders, go to the Email Setting tab of your Account Settings. Then, open the Email Reminders tab

You'll be able to turn Upcoming Due notifications and Past Due notification on for all Questionnaire, Quotes, Contracts, and Invoices without a payment schedule.  

This means, an email reminder will be sent when a Questionnaire, Quote, Contract, or invoice is about to be due. If those documents are not completed before their due date, an email reminder will be sent once they are past due. 

If an Invoice has a payment schedule, an upcoming email reminder will be sent when each payment is due. A past due notification will be sent if a payment is past due, as well as if the total balance of the invoice is late. 

Default Reminder Settings

Each documents default reminder settings are set to go out 1 day before a documents due date, and 1 day after due date is past due. The past due notification will  continue to be sent monthly. It will stop sending after being sent 12 times.

The email message templates for each of these reminders should be customized to fit your business tone. To do so, click the "edit" button next to each document notification section.    

You can also update these templates under your Documents and Emails templates tab.

Document Reminder Emails Templates

Each Document Email Reminder is saved as a specific email Type. This type is found in the second column when viewing the Documents & Emails template tab

Upcoming document email reminders will send X number of days before the documents due date. Their types are labeled:

  • (questionnaire_upcoming_send)  

  • (quote_upcoming_send)

  • (contract_upcoming_send)

  • (invoice_upcoming_send)  

Past Due document email reminders will send X number of days after the document is past due. It can continue to go out daily, weekly or monthly. And you can set when you want the reminders to stop. Their types are labeled:

  • (contract_due_send)  

  • (quote_due_send) 

  • (questionnaire_due_send)  

  • (invoice_due_send)  

Upcoming and Past Due document email reminders will only go out if an invoice has a payment scheduled added. The client must have already have a past due payment, as well as future payments due.  

You can edit the message that sends when a client has a past due and upcoming payments. You cannot change the time frames this message sends. This email is labeled:

  •  (invoice_due_and_upcoming_send)

While you can create more than one copy of these email notifications, only the messages with the email type "due_send" will be used with the automatic Email Reminders feature. 


  1. Your Contract is Now Past the Due Date  (contract_send) - Regular "contract-send" email, can be edited/renamed/deleted as needed.

  2. Your Contract is Now Past the Due Date (contract_due_send)  - Email Reminder Template


  • Document & Email reminders were released in 2018. If you signed up prior to June 2018, reminders will be automatically turned on.

  • Prior to this release, Invoice Reminders were saved in the Invoice Options tab. Document Email Reminders can now be found in your Account Settings on the Email Settings page within the Reminders tab.

Have more questions about how email communication works in 17hats? Ready to setup your Calendars? Learn more by clicking the button below. 

* This feature may not be available on all plan types


Other questions? Reach out to our Business Support Team via Live Chat or Email Monday through Friday 7am-4pm PST. 

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