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Send Automated Invoices using Lead Capture Forms and Workflows
Send Automated Invoices using Lead Capture Forms and Workflows
A great way to send automated invoices for fixed packages
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For certain circumstances you can use Lead Capture Forms and Workflows to generate automatic invoices for your customers.

For example, as a photographer you are going to take team photos on a certain day where you offer various packages at different price points, the Gold Package at $75.00, the Silver Package at $50.00, and the Bronze Package at $25.00.

We're going to create all components needed, build the invoices, build the workflows, then build the lead capture form, by doing this you'll have everything you need as you progress through the setup.

Step 1. Create the Products
Go to account settings, Products and Services and create each package:

Create a product for each package you are offering, (in this case a product for the Gold, Silver, and Bronze packages.

Step 2. Create the Invoices
Go to account settings, Documents and emails, and create invoice templates for each of the products, you'll want to name them with something like Gold Package Invoice, Silver Package invoice, etc.  Please be sure to include sales tax if applicable.

Step 3. Create the email(s)
Go to account settings, Documents and emails, and create Invoice emails to be used to send the invoices to your clients, (you could use one invoice email instead of three if you want, each invoice sent would go out with the same email regardless of the package the customer chooses). You can include a short description of each of the packages if you want to.

Step 4. Build the Workflows.
These will be very basic workflows with one step only, (you can of course enhance these to do more if you want to!  Please name the workflow so it's easy to recognize, Gold Package workflow, Silver Package workflow, etc. It will look like this:

This will automatically send the Gold Package invoice to your client.  You'll create a workflow for each of the different packages you are offering.

At this point you should have created a product for each product you are offering, an Invoice template for each product you are offering, and a workflow for each product you are offering.  You should also have created one email to send the invoices or different emails for each of the invoices you will send, (your choice).

Step 5. Create your Lead Capture form!
Go to account settings, Lead Capture forms, click on the plus sign and choose Lead Capture form:

Create and name your Lead Capture form, (LCF), but don't add anything in the workflow field.  I added a message saying they'll receive an email with an invoice shortly, this will display as soon as your customer submits the LCF.

Click Save to save your LCF, you'll see the basic form with only name and email address fields.  Let's add a telephone number and a List question:

A List Question allows your customer to choose one product, (and only one), from the list, in the following screen capture you'll see that we have associated a workflow with each answer for that question, (by default there are 3 answers, but you can add as many as you like).  We also included a short description of what is in each package in each answer.  Notice that we are adding a different project tag depending on the package they choose:

When your customer see the form it will look like:

When they choose a package, then submit the form the appropriate workflow will be activated and the invoice will be sent to them and they can pay online.

You can use this lead capture form in a couple of different ways.  You can create a special page on your website for customers wanting to sign up for the sports photo event or if you have a bulk mailing list, (outside of 17hats), you can copy the link from preview and send that link in an email to everyone on the list.  

Each person who fills out and submits the form will have a Lead record and project created, then the invoice will be sent and they'll be switched to a Contact.  If the person is already a contact/lead within 17hats, (matching on email address), a new project will be created for them.

* This feature may not be available on all plan types.

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