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Automatic Confirmation Emails that send from 17hats
Automatic Confirmation Emails that send from 17hats
Learn more about the automated confirmation emails that send after a document is completed.
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When your client accepts a quote, pays an invoice, signs a contract or completes a questionnaire automatic confirmation emails will send to your client. 

These emails go out automatically and can be updated or turned off if needed. 

Updating your Confirmation Emails

To update these confirmation emails, go to your Account Settings > Account Templates > Documents & Emails. Within the "Emails" section look for emails with the following template "types" listed in the second column.

  • (quote_confirmation)

  • (questionnaire_confirmation)

  • (invoice_confirmation)

  • (contract_confirmation)

To edit these templates, click the arrow icon next to the template and select the "Edit" option in the drop down menu that appears

Turning Off Confirmation Emails

You can opt to stop these emails from sending within your Account Settings > Email Settings > Confirmations tab

Uncheck any of the documents you do not want an automatic confirmation email sent out for. Please note, this is a global setting only. Meaning, you can only turn these message off for all Questionnaires, Quotes, Contracts, or Invoices. You cannot turn this off on a client basis. 

*Keep in mind, when a payment is made via ACH, it may take multiple days to clear. The Invoice Confirmation email will only be sent to your Client after the payment has in fact cleared.


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