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Adding a Consent Checkbox
Adding a Consent Checkbox
Adding a checkbox to your Lead Capture Forms and Questionnaires is quick and easy!
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With recent updates to data protection standards (including GDPR), and the increasing need for specific and affirmative consent, we wanted to walk you through how you can add a consent checkbox to your existing Lead Capture Form or Questionnaire.

Important note before starting: Only account Owners and Admins have access to update your Lead Capture Forms - other team members will need to work with an account Owner/Admin to make this update.


Start from your dashboard/overview page and click on "LEADS" in the left navigation bar, then the "Lead Capture Forms" button in the top right.

  1. Select your desired Lead Capture Form

  2. Click the "+ADD" button, then select "Checkboxes"

3. Create your Checkbox question (e.g. "Click below if you would like to receive our emails"

4. You can select where to map this checkbox to in the contact record - often, the "notes" section is the best place for this information, but you also do not have to select anything if you don't want to

5. If consent is required in order to do business with you, mark this as a required field

6. Enter your consent statement (e.g. I would like to receive emails about this company)

Now Click "Add" and you're good to go!

Below is a similar example if you would be setting this up for someone to agree to your Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy

And once you are done adding this checkbox you can click "View Form" to see how it looks!


The Process will be the same for your Questionnaires, but it will look a little different. Scroll to the bottom of your Questionnaire or Questionnaire Template, then click "Add Question" to select "Checkboxes.


Ready to take it to the next level?? Use "choose from a list" "short answer" or multiple "checkbox" options to ask more specific questions.

That's all there is to it! Feel free to reach out if we can help answer any questions or clarify any of these steps!


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