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All About Workflows - Triggering Your Workflow
All About Workflows - Triggering Your Workflow
A Workflow can be triggered automatically or manually, depending on your business needs.
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Triggering Your Workflow Automatically

There are probably times when you want to send automatic communication to a client without thinking about it, when responding to a new lead inquiry, for instance. 

Lead Capture Forms can automatically assign a Workflow to new lead projects that are created through the form. There are two ways to accomplish this:

  1. To trigger a Workflow whenever a Lead Capture Form is filled out go to Leads > Lead Capture Form > select the applicable Lead Capture Form > click on the arrow next to Form Details > Edit > select a Workflow.

2. To trigger a specific Workflow depending a selection the customer makes on a Choose From a List question, go to Leads > Lead Capture Form > select the applicable Lead Capture Form > Add > Choose from a List > type in the question, the answer choices and the respective Workflows for each answer choice.

*Please note, of the two methods above, you can only utilize one per Lead Capture Form.

Triggering your Workflow Manually

You may choose to manually trigger a Workflow if you like to modify or further customize any communications before they go out. 

To manually assign a Workflow to a specific project, navigate to the applicable project and click on the "+" symbol next to Workflows.

Level-up your communication

>> Workflows can trigger a secondary Workflow

  • Within the original Workflow, add in an Action step at the appropriate time > select Start a Workflow.

>> Multiple Workflows can run concurrently at the same time

Pro tip: before setting your Workflow live, run through the steps yourself as if you were the client to make sure that everything is working as intended.

For purposes of this exercise, duplicate the original Workflow by navigating to Workflow > Templates > Select the applicable Workflow > Edit > Duplicate this Workflow. Alter the steps within the new Workflow copy so that the due date for each step is set as "0 days after the previous items are complete."

Now, set yourself up as a test contact using an email that's not connected to your 17hats account, create a dummy project and assign the duplicate Workflow.

Go through the entirety of your process. This will allow you to identify any changes that need to be made or spelling errors that may need to be corrected. You'll also be able to see how the system will prompt you to move on to the next step through the Overview page as well as your Workflow tab.

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