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How do I mass share a 17hats document?
How do I mass share a 17hats document?
We'll walk you through how to share a 17hats document with a group of people so that everyone can fill out their own copies
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Let's say you have a document that needs to be completed by a group of people individually, but you don't have everyone's name and email.

Watch the video below to see how to set up the process of gathering everyone's information and sending out the document to each person so that you can automate it all!

Some key takeaways from the tutorial video:

βœ… Each 17hats document's link is unique to the contact and project that it's created for, so you don't want to share the link to a specific document with your entire audience.

βœ… Instead, you'll want to create a Lead Capture Form that triggers a specific Workflow to begin. The first step within that Workflow will be for a document to send out automatically.

βœ… Once you've set up the above, you can just share the link to your Lead Capture Form with your entire audience. Whenever someone submits the form, a contact and project will automatically be created for that person within your 17hats account and the Workflow will automatically send out the document to them without you having to lift a finger.

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