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Sharing outside links between users in 17hats
Sharing outside links between users in 17hats
This article explains the steps to link a shared document within the notes tab of your project, so that more than 1 user can access it
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Occasionally, you may want to provide access to documents that are not within 17hats with other users in your 17hats account. To keep everything in one place, you can do so by adding the link to the document within the notes tab of the project. 

Here's how:

First, check your sharing setting of the document you want others to have access to. Once you've added specific individuals or made the document public, you'll be able to copy the link to that document. 

Heres what this looks like with Google:

Once you've copied that link, head over to your 17hats page and open the project this document is for. 

Next, scroll down and open the "notes" tab. 

Click the + button to add a new note. A new screen will open and you'll be able to add the title of the document you'd like to share

Once you type in the title of the document, high-light the text and click the link icon. 

Then, paste in the document URL and click the "insert" button in blue. That will now show the text as a link. Anyone with access to the project can see the note & click the text to be directed to the document outside of 17hats.

Once you click "save" you'll be all set and anyone with access to your projects and that document can be directed to that document from 17hats.

* This feature may not be available on all plan types.


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