Your 17hats Lead Capture Form can be added to your business Facebook or LinkedIn page as a custom button beneath your cover image. Screenshots show only Facebook, but the process is basically the same for LinkedIn Business pages and other social networking sites where you can add a button for things like "Contact Us" or "Learn More". All you need to do is copy the link for your Lead Capture Form and paste it in where you have access to the code for the button. Reach out to the specific social networking site for any issues with their process.

Please visit your business Facebook page and follow the instructions below:

  1. Beneath your page's cover photo, click on the "+ Add a Button" option or the “Contact Us" button

  2. From the Edit Page Button list click on “Contact you” > from the menu of options, you can select either “Learn More” or “Contact Us” (whatever verbiage you prefer on the button)

  3. Click “Next”

  4. Click on “Website Link”

  5. Copy and paste in the URL to your Lead Capture Form (you can find the URL to your form by logging into your 17hats account > Leads > Lead Capture Form > select the form > View Form > grab the URL from the address bar)

  6. Click “Save”

  7. The new custom button should now reside underneath your cover photo. As the owner, you can click on the button > select "Test Button" from the drop down list to view the Lead Capture Form

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