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Learn how to create, add, and find tags for projects
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Tags are a vital feature to be able to filter projects and contacts. Using Tags, you can assign projects to particular team member/user, easily find contacts that all have the same tag, or search projects all for one company but with different primary contacts. 

Adding or Creating Tags for a Project

To manually create a tag for a project , you'll need to open the project and edit the details. 

To do this, click the "edit" button on the top right of the project you'd like to apply a tag.

The project details pop-up will appear where you can then add your tag.

If you are adding an existing tag, you can begin typing in the name and a matching list will appear in the drop down below

If this is a new tag, type the tag as you would like it to appear and then press enter. The tag will show up in blue once successfully added. 

The tag will then appear on the project details side-bar.

Searching for Project Tags

To search for a project based off of their tag go to the Projects page. Then, type the tag name in the search bar and select the option in the drop down menu. 

You'll then see all of the projects associated with that tag.  

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