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Learn how to create a Quote template to use in workflow templates or for any contact.
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Quotes allow your contacts to verify what they'd like to purchase with you prior to making a payment on an invoice. They're a great way to up-sell additional products or services you provide. 

You can create a quote directly within a project, or on the Documents & Emails template page. By saving a quote template, you can then reuse it for any contact, or add it to a workflow. 

Creating a Quote Within your Documents & Emails Template Page

Easily access or create your quote within your Document & Email Template page under Account Settings within the Documents & Emails template tab. 

You can use the shortcut button located at the top right of the current page you're on to get their quickly 

To create a new quote template, click on the "new template" button and select the quote option.

Creating a Quote Within a Project

You can also create a quote directly from your contacts project page, by clicking on the "Create New" button in the "Important Documents" section. Select the "quote" option. 

When creating a quote from within a contacts project, you can select a previously created quote template, or start from scratch. 

If you're creating the quote from scratch, use the "save as new template" check box. Then, the template can be reused at a later time. 

Quote Options

The quote options are where you'll add the name of the document for internal use, a display title your contact will see,  the valid until date, and any tax or discounts needed. You'll also be able to add a contract and/or invoice to the quote to streamline your booking process. 

To learn more about combined quotes, contract, and invoices click here

For Quote Templates, the valid until date applied will be relative. Meaning, if your quote is valid for seven days from today's date, the next time you use that quote template the valid until date will adjust to seven days away from the current date. 

For further details on the quote options you'll apply, read our Quote Options article here. 

Quote Line Items

Once your details are set within Quote Options, add in your line items! To do so, click on the "Add" button.

There are three different types of line items you can add to your quote:

  1. Standard Quote Item: Add this item if you're looking to add a product that your contact must purchase. 

  2. "Choose One" Item: Add this item if you'd like to give your contact a single option to choose from when accepting the quote. 

  3. "Choose Any" Item: Add this item if you'd like to allow your client to choose from a list of options to add to their package. 

Once you've selected the item type you'd like to add, you can auto-fill the details of the line item if you have any products & services previously saved. To do so, begin typing the desired line item name and a drop-down menu of matching options will appear for you to select from. And don't forget! Add in your tax rates within your Tax Settings page to streamline adding taxable line items.  

After you've added in your line item(s), you can apply a payment plan. This will break the total of the invoice into smaller payments. You must have at least one line item added to your quote in order for this option to be selected. 

Saving & Sending Your Quote

Once you finish building your quote, hit the green Save button in the upper right-hand corner.

If you create your quote within the Documents & Emails page, you'll see a list of all your Documents & Emails appear. 

If you created your quote within a project, a preview of the quote will appear. You can then click the "send quote" button to craft the email to send the document to your contact.

Tip: check the "Save as a new template" button to save your hard work as a new template for reuse. Your future self will thank you! Once saved, this quote template can be found under Account Settings within the Documents &  Emails page. 

It is important to note that quote emails are their own type of email template. If you're not seeing an email you created to send a quote, go to your Documents & Emails template page to make sure the Email Type is listed as "Email (quote_send)".  To learn more about Email Types, click here. 

For more information on Document & Email Templates click the button below.

Feel free to reach out via Live Chat if you still have any remaining questions and we'll be happy to help out!

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