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How can I bill for and apply gift certificates?
How can I bill for and apply gift certificates?
How can you leave a credit for a Gift Certificate/Gift Card Recipient?
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  1. First you will want to add the purchaser of the Gift Certificate as a Client with a Project:

2. Next, add an invoice for their Project:

The Item should look like this: (mapping to the same Income Category as what they will be using the Gift Card for)

3. Save it, Send it, and Get Paid!

4. Next: Ask the Gifter for the information of the Gift Certificate Recipient. (Name & Email). 

5. Add the Recipient as a Contact with a Project:

6. Add a Quote to their Project, with a Standard item that is the negative line item "Gift Certificate".(Make sure the Gift Certificate Item maps to the same Income Category that you used for the original Invoice).
>>> Add "Choose One" and "Choose Any" items for your services!

7. Hit Save, but wait until they contact you! (If it is a gift, no one wants to ruin a surprise) :) 

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