Lead Capture Auto-Replies
When do they send? What to do for second/third forms that require an auto-response
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Lead Capture Form auto-reply emails will only send the first time your client fills out a form. Any additional inquiries/forms will not generate an auto-reply. 

Since sometimes clients choose to contact you using this form, when not inquiring, but only sending an email/message, we choose to turn off this auto-reply feature after the first form is completed. 

That being said, we know our users also have repeat clients, so those auto-replies can be crucial for business! 

You can set you Lead Capture Form to auto-add a Workflow (Or 2/3 different workflows based on an answer), and that workflow can be set to have an automatic email that sends as soon as you add it. 

This will then start and send each time your form is filled out, regardless of the number of times they fill out a lead form, that workflow will start on a new project, and send them the first email automatically.

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