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Why is the "Review" Button Not Working in my Workflow?
Why is the "Review" Button Not Working in my Workflow?
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If you notice that a document step in your workflow has a "Review" button, that when clicked on, does nothing/maps to a blank page, follow these steps:

1.) In the Workflow template, is there a template selected for this step?

  • If yes, move on below. If no, select a template, and head back to your project page to make sure to edit and select a template for their step (Review button should work now)

2.) Was this document deleted on your project page at one time?

  • Note: Action steps in workflows directly link to a particular document/document URL. If at any point this is deleted, it will not create a new document, and will map to a blank page. 

  • If you have deleted the document, you will need to delete the step from your workflow, and add a new step (Action Item) for this template to be created, making sure to drag it to the place in your workflow it is needed. 

  • Note: You can also add the document to the project page directly, and send it directly to your client. But this document will not be tied to your workflow anymore. 

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