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Multi-User Email Settings: Using Your Own Outgoing Server
Multi-User Email Settings: Using Your Own Outgoing Server
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When using your own Outgoing Server in 17hats, the recipient/client will see the name of the user sending the email, but the email will always come from the "Outgoing Server" email address. 

Please note that even if the client replies to the email sent from a user, those replies will go to the email address listed as your outgoing server. 

Alternatively, you can use the 17hats Mail Server as your Outgoing Server. This would allow you to send emails from each user's inbox, and replies will be directed to their respective inboxes as well. 

We have included some screenshots to provide some helpful examples when using your own outgoing mail server:

Email Settings for Owner:

User Account Settings:

Email Settings for User:

*Note: Outgoing Server setting will not change per User

Sending an Email in 17hats as a User:

In 17hats:

Your Client will see the Name of the User, From the Outgoing Server Email:

*Note: When the Client replies to the email above, it will go to the Outgoing Server email address (, not the User's Account email. To utilize both the Owner and User email addresses as Outgoing Email and Incoming Reply-To emails, please use the 17hats Outgoing Server. 

* This feature may not be available on all plan types.


As always, feel free to reach out via Live Chat if you still have any remaining questions and we'll be happy to help out!

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