The 17hats Mail Server will allow you to send from the email address listed in your "My Account" page. Messages are then sent through our server, which is a third-party integration provided by

Please note: Sending emails via the 17hats Mail Server using a free email address (e.g. one that ends in,,,, etc.) will result in your emails being much, much more likely to be classified as spam and rejected by the recipient mail server. If you have a free email address, please be sure to connect it in the Outgoing Email section of your Email Settings page in 17hats.

Replies to the emails you send from 17hats will come back to the inbox of the email address listed under "My Account."  This is the address that shows in the "Email Sent As" section listed in the Outgoing Email section of your Email Settings page. 

Connecting to the 17hats Mail Server

Your account will automatically use the 17hats Mail Server. If you've changed this, you can switch back to the 17hats mail server by going to your Account Settings > Email Settings page. 

Once there, scroll to the Outgoing Email section and click the "Change Outgoing Server" button. 

How will Messages Appear?

Messages will be sent showing the "Email Sent As" Address. This is set by the email address listed in your Account Settings page. Replies to these emails (from your contacts) will go to the "Email Sent As" email address and appear on the dashboard and in your contacts project. 

When the message is sent, it will show the senders name, their email address that is listed in account settings, and the Sendgrid server that sent the message.

If the customer opens the details of the sender, they'll see the "Email Sent As" email address in the From field and the Sendgrid server in the Mailed By field.

When your customer replies to that message, it will go back to the inbox of the person who sent it. They will see that message on their dashboard and in the contacts project. 

Multi-Users & The 17hats Mail Server

If you have added a User to your 17hats account, you will be able to send messages from any other user. 

When you first compose an email, you will see that the "Email Sent As" shows up as the "From" Email Address initially.

You can then click the "From" drop-down and opt to send the message as a different user with their email address. 

When the customer replies, it will go back to the user's email address that sent the message. 


As always, feel free to reach out via Live Chat if you still have any remaining questions and we'll be happy to help out!

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