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Sending Multiple 17hats Documents in One Email
Sending Multiple 17hats Documents in One Email
How can I send more than one document to my clients?
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While you cannot send more than 1 document from within 17hats using the "Send Invoice" or "Send Questionnaire" button, you can use a workaround of previewing your documents and sending the document specific URLs all in 1 email. 

Example images below: Let’s say you have 2 quotes you want to send, and then 2 contracts you would like to send to your client, all in one email. 

Since you can’t attach two quotes together and you can’t attach two contracts together, you would need to copy the URL from each document and paste it into the body of your email. 

First, click on each document you would like to send, and hit "Live View" 

Copy the URL that from the top of your screen:

Next, in the body of your email, type the text you would like the link to show, and highlight it. Next click the "Add Link" button, and add your URL

Make sure to add the copied URL to the first section of the pop up window:

Once you've done this for all 4 documents, you are now good to send your email!

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