You can sync multiple emails to the email settings page, meaning, all INCOMING mail to those addresses will be "combed through" looking for any project/contact related emails to pull into 17hats.

As seen here, Harry Potter is one of our leads, and he emails one of our synced email addresses (not set as a user in the account), and it appears on the overview & their project page


IN GMAIL, Harry Potter sends George an email

In 17hats it will show on your overview screen: 

  • You can then reply to those and they will always send from your "Outgoing Mail Server" email.

But say George writes back to Harry Potter in his gmail, and not in 17hats. This will not sync, unless you follow these steps:

  • For OUTGOING mail to be brought into 17hats from those synced email addresses, you must either add those email addresses as users, OR manually add them as a Contact within 17hats (Making sure not to assign a project to their contact).
  • In this case, since is a Synced Email address, and we did not add them as a user, so we will need to add them as a Contact, (With no project). Then emails sent from that email address (outside of 17hats) will appear on the project's email log, as well as the overview screen:

So now, George's email that was sent from gmail, to Harry Potter, will appear in 17hats, under "needing a reply" on the overview screen.

Please note that the system is designed that way, so you can see all mail that was sent outside of the app, and know to review their reply. Our system is tracking all mail from your main account; and the User's emails are considered "Contacts" within your 17hats account, so it considers emails they send outside of the 17hats app to be items that need to be reviewed.

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