There are some email providers that are very stringent with their spam rules, and will block out more emails than others. To some extent, especially if you've had issues in the past with delivery, following up with new clients is essential to ensuring the best results for you business.

Some basic steps to ensure your emails have the highest likelihood for delivery:

1. Start with a mail tester

Using, add the test email as a contact in 17hats and send the tester your standard emails. Note the results of each test and the recommendations for improvement. Some of you will see great scores. Some of you will see scores that can be improved by following these first steps to better delivery scores.

2. Avoid images

Images trigger spam filters and are a common offender in causing lower delivery rates. Personal emails rarely contain images, so emails with images are a red flag to most filters and will ding your delivery score.

3. Avoid attachments

One of the areas 17hats helps your score is by not including questionnaires, quotes, contracts, and invoices as PDF attachments.

When you add attachments to first-time emails in particular, spam filters will often block your email from delivery.

4. What's your SMTP setting in 17hats?

We give you options in the 17hats email settings that allow you to set up your SMTP to use the servers. Make sure to use your email provider's SMTP settings.

We have recently updated the 17hats email server to deliver a perfect 10/10 on mail test results. So if you're having a tough time with your email server delivering, there's a chance ours might outperform.

5. Who's your email provider / server?

All email providers are not created equally. Gmail for example is much better at delivery than bluehost, aol, or hotmail. It's highly recommend that you update your email provider to one with the highest delivery success rates. We recommend Gmail / Google Accounts. It's easy to create an account and use your own custom domain.

6. What else are we doing at 17hats to ensure delivery?

We're working on and testing a read / open receipt for sent emails.

Several of you have requested this and in theory it's a good idea. The potential downside is that tracking opens requires us to add code to the emails that will cause a slight ding to the delivery score of our emails. We're testing thoroughly to ensure that a potentially helpful solution doesn't hurt more than it helps. When we include this option it'll be a toggle so you can turn it off if you don't want to use it.

7. We're putting better in-app messaging around email account setup and email creation to ensure the best practices for email delivery are visible and user expectations remain realistic.

At the end of the day, even though email delivery isn't something 17hats negatively affects, it's still our goal to help your business succeed. 

We want to ensure that your success rate with 17hats is as high as possible. Feel free to ask any questions and we'll do our best to take a look at your account and help you ensure your email delivery is on track.

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