It is easy to forget that once the reader gets through the subject line and body of your email, there is one more chance to stand out.  A good email signature can be an extra opportunity to add that personal touch as well as continuing to drive your brand!  You may use an email signature, which can be automatically be included at the bottom of each individual email you send to your clients!

To setup or edit your email templates, simply navigate to "Account Settings",  "Email Settings":

Near the bottom of the page under "Email Signatures", you can a new signature (or manage any previously created signatures).  To create a new signature, press the "Add New Signature" link.  You will then be prompted to enter a name for the signature as well as the body of the signature itself:

After this has been completed, press the "Save" button.  You may use the editor to add bold, italics, and other basic formatting.  For more advanced users, the editor accepts HTML too!  You may read more on using HTML here

Once you have a nice collection of email signatures stock piled, it is important to note that the first email signature on the list will be used as the default email signature.  You may always drag and drop to organize this list however so that the most used signature is at the top (the default position).

When adding a new email from within a project now, you will see a "signatures" option where you may select any of your previously created signatures (or choose no signature):

If you decide to set the signature specific to the template, that particular signature would then be sent out (not the default).  You can always switch to a different signature, however, when actually sending the email.

If you would like to incorporate your logo currently uploaded in 17hats into your signature, you may do this too!

  1. Navigate to "Account Settings", "My Profile'"
  2. Right click on your previously uploaded logo, and select "copy image URL"
  3. You will want to save that URL off to the side as you will need to make a small modification prior to using it in your signature.
  4. Navigate to "Account Settings", "My Preferences" and note the text/numbers under "domain".
  5. You will need to insert the domain (the data before "") in place of the "admin" of your original image URL.
  6. Select "Insert Image" in your Signature template on Email Settings tab.
  7. Paste the URL you copied - remembering to change where it says "Admin" before to your domain you grabbed in step 4.

If you have any issues or questions, please contact support directly and we would be more than happy to assist (

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