Connecting your email address will allow 17hats to record your correspondences with contacts whether you choose to send the messages through our system or your regular email inbox. 

In order to connect, your email provider must use IMAP email addresses. Office365 through Outlook uses an exchange server which is a POP server.  You may need to upgrade your email to IMAP through GoDaddy's Workspace Mail. To learn more about GoDaddy's email plans, and to upgrade please click here

The main difference between the two, is that POP servers will not save a copy of each message. Meaning, if you open the e-mail on your phone, there is not a saved copy of the e-mail anywhere else, so you will have difficulty pulling the same e-mail elsewhere (like a computer or tablet). IMAP servers on the other hand, do have a saved copy, so you can open/access the e-mails from anywhere/multiple times.

Once you've verified your email account is set up with IMAP settings you can connect your Incoming and Outgoing Email. 

Incoming Server

To sync your incoming email, first navigate to Account Settings > Email Settings. The Incoming Email Connection is listed first on your page:

Unsure if you have Office365 through GoDaddy? If you are able to login here with your email address and provider password, then yes! 

Next, Click on the "Connect Account" button in the top right corner of the Incoming Email Section. For Office365, click the "other" option at the bottom of the "email provider" drop-down. 

Next, enter your Office365 Login and Password and the following settings in the subsequent fields.

Port 993
SSL: Yes

Please note, you must have this incoming email address listed in your Account Settings. Otherwise, you will not be able to send messages from 17hats. 

To update the email address that's in your "Email Sent As" section, go to your Account Settings page and update the email address field.

Outgoing Mail Server

You'll follow the same steps to connect your Outgoing Email Server as you did to connect your incoming email. 

Simply click the "change outgoing settings" button and select the "other" option at the bottom of the "email provider" drop-down. 

Next, enter your Office365 Login and Password and the following settings in the subsequent fields.

Port: 587

Please note, the "Email Sent As" address must be the same email address within your Account Settings page in order for the sync to work.

Multi-Users & Office365

If you have users added to your 17hats account, you will be unable to connect to Office365 as your Outgoing Server. Office365 requires the account email to match the "email sent as" address. When using your own server, the address showing the message as sent will always be the outgoing server email address. Because each user will not have the same email address as the outgoing server, you will need to use the 17hats server instead.


Sometimes the attempt to connect either the incoming or outgoing email will time-out. This causes the connection to appear to fail. If you are having trouble connecting do the following:

  1. Use Google Chrome - while our platform is certainly tested across each of the primary browsers, we frequently note ongoing variations as new plugins, extensions, and software updates occur for each browser. Currently, Google Chrome works the best, and their developers have done a great job with creating a highly stable and simple browser code that performs well across every website, including 17hats.
  2. Make sure the email address listed in your Account Setting is the same as the address you're connecting. Office365 requires that these email address match
  3. Check to see if you have users added to your account. If so, you will be unable to connect Office365 as your outgoing server. 
  4. Clear your Cookies & Cache from ALL time
  5. Try connecting a few additional times with the same server settings 


Other questions? Reach out to our Business Support Team via Live Chat or Email Monday through Friday 7am-4pm PST. 

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