To allow users as much Workflow customization as possible, each action item, that is marked to set out automatically, has different automation settings to choose from.  By default, the checkbox will be checked off.  But If you uncheck the "after all previous items are complete" checkbox, this will means the action will still be executed, even if all previous items are not completed.

If you leave the checkbox checked, the action item will only send out if all previous items have been completed.

Say, for example, you've sent a questionnaire to a client and marked it to be considered complete after it's submitted and the client hasn't completed it yet.  And then your next step in your Workflow is to send a quote, automatically, 14 days after the Workflow was activated. If you uncheck "after all previous items are complete", the quote will not be sent out until the questionnaire has been submitted. If you don't check this box off, the quote will go out in 9 days after activation regardless.

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