What gifts are available on 17hats?

Right now, a limited gift selection is available on 17hats to ensure that your saved gifts can always refill easily.

Greetabl gifts are curated from some of the most amazing, US based vendors. Sometimes there are issues with production outside of our control which can result in a gift not being available. 

If a gift that you have set up in your Workflow falls out of stock for a temporary period of time, you will receive an alert in your 17hats Dashboard warning you that you will need to select an alternate gift for each order that includes the out of stock gift in a workflow during the period that that gift is stocked out.

If a gift that you have set up in your Workflow becomes permanently discontinued, you will receive an alert on your Dashboard asking you to update your Template in your Workflow for all future gifts.


The gifts that are currently available through 17hats include:

  1. Champagne Bubbles

  2. Mouth Party Caramels

  3. Coconut Milk Mango Candle

  4. Wood Photo Stand

  5. Soy Candle

  6. Cup of Sunshine Tea

  7. Fudge Brittle

  8. Big Day Minimergency Kit

  9. Lavender Sage Bath Bomb

  10. Hand Dipped Chocolate



You can find the ingredients to all of our products here.

If you’re looking for something edible, you can also find options that are vegan, dairy free, and gluten free in these FAQ articles.

What designs are available on 17hats?

All of the designs available on www.greetabl.com are available for you on 17hats!

Just like on Greetabl.com, Insiders and Insider Pros will get access to exclusive designs that are unavailable to everyone else. Learn more about signing up for Insider and Insider Pro here.

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