Adding an Greetabl in your Workflow will allow you to streamline and/or automate your process.

Add Action Item

Once you have created a new Workflow or Opened an existing Workflow, add an Action Item.

Action: Select Send Greetabl

Template: Select the Greetabl Template you would like to use.

Haven't created a template yet? You will need to do that first.  Click here to learn how. 

Prompt: Select how you would like the Action Item to be sent

** If you would like to change the 3 square images or add to your welcome message, select Approve Before Sending

** If you would like to automate your sending, meaning your Greetabl Gift will be ordered as soon as the Workflow item is triggered, select Send Automatically.

When: This will designate when the Greetabl Action will take place. 

** After activating this Workflow is commonly used if the Item is the first step in a Workflow

** Base date is typically the Project Date (unless you set it otherwise).

Save: Save the Item when completed.

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