To manually send a gift to your contact:

Open Contact's Project and Select Create New, then select Greetabl.

Select the template you wish to use if you have created one.

Or, build your gift. 

1) Contact's shipping information

Your contact's address information will populate if entered into 17hats; otherwise you will need to enter it. All gifts will be shipped using USPS.

** Greetabl only ships in the US and Canada. You will NOT be able to ship to your international clients.

2) Complete your gift details.

3) Choose your gift.

4) Choose your print.

Print will vary depending if you have a free account with Greetable, or an Insider or Insider Pro account. Read more about your account options here. 

5) Add custom images for more personalization.

This is optional. It you would like to add up to 3 SQUARE images you can. 

Q:   Can you add just 1?
A:   Yes, you can!

Q:   What if you don't add any or just add 1 or 2?
A:   The pattern you select will fill the areas if you choose not to add images.

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