1) What is Greetabl?

Greetabl makes it easy to send (throughout the US and Canada) unique, personalized gifts that your clients will always remember. The product is a photo-customized greeting card that you can personalize with your own photos and message. You choose a card design and a small gift (ie. chocolates) and the card folds up around it to become a gift box. It makes a huge impact and the entire thing is delivered for $15-30.

2) What does Greetabl look like?

Like nothing you’ve ever seen before! See an unboxing and some explanatory videos here: https://greetabl.com/showme

3) Do the gifts ship automatically or can I edit them before they go out?

That is entirely up to you! Using the 17hats hast Greetabl integration, your gifts will send to the addresses within your contact saved in 17hats.

If you’d like, you can set up a template that changes the name and address with each contact, while the rest of the gift (the pictures, the message, the design and the gift) all stay the same.

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