17hats integrates with four online payment merchants: Stripe, PayPal, Square, and Authorize.net.

17hats itself does not charge any transaction fees, but the payment merchant you connect with will have a fee per transaction. This is typically 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction, but may be different depending on your location. 

In order to connect to PayPal, you must first have a PayPal Business Account. If needed, you can convert a Personal account to a Business account at PayPal's website. Click here to see how to do so. 

Once you've verified that your PayPal account is a Business Account go to your Account Settings > Invoice Options page within 17hats. Scroll to the PayPal connection option and enter your PayPal email address. 

As with all payment merchants, you will need to make sure your PayPal account is ready to accept payments. To do this, PayPal requires you to confirm your email address, provide your Business Name, and link your bank account so funds can be transferred to you. 

To ensure your PayPal Account is setup correctly, please click the button below to visit their Business Setup Center. 

Within 17hats, as soon as you've entered your PayPal credentials and follow the connection prompts, you'll be ready to accept payments! Each invoice will automatically have the "online payment" option enabled so your customer can pay with a credit card of their choice. 

Accepting Payments with PayPal from a 17hats Invoice

When your customer goes to pay their invoice, they'll need to click the "Pay Invoice" button on the top right of the invoice. 

Your customer will then see PayPal's payment portal. This is generated by the coding provided by PayPal and 17hats is not able to change the look or options on this screen. Please be aware that PayPal updates their payment portal regularly, so your customers view may change from time to time without notice. 

For those based in the United States, your customer will be able pay from the main screen. International customers will need to select the "Pay with PayPal" button shown below so they can choose their country. 

Your customer may need to enter their email address after selecting the "Pay with PayPal" button. If no PayPal account is found, they will be able to checkout as a guest.

PayPal may limit the amount your customers can pay depending on if your account is verified or not. According to their article, "If your account is Verified, there’s no limit on the total amount of money you can send from your account. You can send up to $60,000, but may be limited to $10,000, in a single transaction. (This amount can vary, though, depending on your currency.)

If your account is Unverified, there’s a limit on the total amount of money you can send from your account."

* This feature may not be available on all plan types.


Other questions? Reach out to our Business Support Team via Live Chat or Email Monday through Friday 7am-4pm PST. 

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