Using this Zap within Zapier, when a new Hot Lead Contact is added into 17hats, an SMS/Text Message notification will be sent to up to 5 additional phone numbers. 

Zapier Template:

How It Works

Within 17hats you can only have new Lead Notifications sent to the main Account Owner's cell number (saved under My Account). 

Using Zapier, you can add additional phone numbers that will receive a Notification text when a new "Hot Lead" contact has been added into your 17hats account.

Customizing the Zap

Once you click the template link above, you will be taken to Zapier to connect your 17hats account within this Zap. 

Once you do this, the next step will be your "Filter" that has been setup to filter only new "Lead" contacts to trigger a text message notification. If you'd like all new contacts added into 17hats to get a text notification, please remove this filter step. (Or feel free to change the Filter to better suit your needs!)

Next, you will connect each of your Phone Numbers you wish to receive the SMS/Text Message Notifications:

The final step will be customizing your Text Message Notification. Be sure to click "Show Advanced Options" to see the Setup Preview options.

From Number: This is an optional setting, and can be used to send the text message notification. 

Message: We have provided sample text that can be used within the text message notification, feel free to update, add tokens, instructions and information, as you wish.

Finally, run a test, and make sure it's all working as expected. If you see "Null" in the Sample Value, that means your sample client from the first Step of the Zap was not a Hot Lead so it didn't pass the filter. 

Save, and set to "Live" and you are all set! 


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