In order to add an image to emails, you will first need to have that image hosted publicly online. Sites like Dropbox or GoogleDrive will not work as those are private sharing sites.

Any photo sharing site that offers a direct link to the image will work. A few sites you can try are, ImageBB, or as some free options, but note that we are not affiliated with these sites.  

Once you host the image online, you'll need to copy the direct link to the image. To get the direct link for an image, you first need to right-click the image to bring up the context menu, and then click "Copy image address": 

Then you can go back into your 17hats account and insert the image. To do so, begin crafting an email or contract. In the editing screen, press the "Insert Image" button (looks like a picture frame) from within the editor:

Once you select Insert Image you'll see a pop up window like the screenshot below that asks you for an Image Web Link. This is where you paste your Direct Link that you copied from or Then press the "Insert" button. 

You'll then be able to see your image within your Email or Contract and you can now click "Save" or send the message. 

Please note: videos cannot be embedded into your emails.  Most email providers don't support embedding videos. The best practice is to have a screenshot of the video player and add a link to the image. Once the customer clicks the image, it will lead to a full video on YouTube or your main site.  The reason it shows when you are composing the email is that the editor is on a webpage, and thus is capable of displaying embedded videos.


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