When you send an action item, you have the option to attach a quote template to a workflow as well as email templates, questionnaire templates, contract templates and invoice templates. You can also use an action item to start a new workflow. 

The image below shows you what this looks like when editing a workflow. The second image below shows how you can choose which template you would like to send. You also have the option to choose a specific time for when you would like the quote to send. 

**Note: You will want to be sure to create these templates ahead of time, so that they are available in the dropdown menu when creating your workflow. 

When a client accepts a quote you will be notified by email. The email will say "A quote has been accepted". Please take a look at the following article that describes when you will see email notifications after documents are accepted, completed or signed. 

17hats Document Notification Emails Article this article does also mention that there isn’t a way to send notification emails to multiple emails after a client accepts a quote, signs a contract, pays an invoice or completes a questionnaire, but you do have the option of viewing the Document as a “Preview” and sending the URL link to additional clients if necessary. 

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