Time tracking in 17hats is a very useful feature.  It allows you to set up rates that you charge an hourly rate for and then you can keep track of how long you spend working on those tasks and bill accordingly.

To use time tracking, you must first set up your time tracking options.  To do so, go to "My Settings", "Time Tacking". 

The first option is where you can enable or disable time tracking.

The second is to apply rounding. The options are “No rounding”, “Rounding to the nearest”, “Round up”, or “Round down”. Then you have to select the interval for that rounding, 15 minutes is the default.  

The third option is to select a category you would like the time tracking to be tracked towards. This is how the income will be tracked in the bookkeeping section.       

To activate the timer, you will start by clicking on the "Timer" button at the top of the application. 

First you will need to decide which project you would like to track time against. You can name that specific task and click to make the item billable. Then you will set the hourly rate for that particular task. 

If you had worked on this task previously, you also have the option of manually adding time and what date that time was spent on. 

After you have track some time you will see it appear on the "Overview" screen. You will also see the unbilled time by going to the project.  

Alternatively, you also have the option of starting a time from within the project.  To do so, within the project click the "Add" dropdown, and then select "Time Tracking".  By clicking on that the timer will appear as seen and you may start the timer when ready.  You may also, again, bill time that was spent previously.

After time has been tracked you can easily invoice the client.  Within the Project screen under "Time Log" the timer item or items will be displayed. 

Upon clicking on the green "Invoice" button this next pop up window will appear.  You have the option of including all non-billable time and the option to include the dates of the tracked time.   

After clicking "Continue", the next page will be the invoice for the client.  As seen below the invoice appears clearly indicating the timer task and charge.  As any other invoice within 17hats there is the option for Online Payments, Recurring Invoice, or Payment Schedule. 

One feature that the time tracker has is the ability for the timer to continue to count even if a user logs out or shuts off their computer.  The below image indicates the timer in motion.  

By clicking on the timer icon on the top of your screen this will pop up.  

This window will allow you to Pause the timer if you decide to take a break from that specific task or end the timer, indicating the task is complete.  

It is important to note, you may only have one timer activated at a time in your account. This holds true even if you have multiple users logging in. 

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