If you purchased any templates, you may locate them under the 'Templates' button at the top of your screen or by navigating to 'Account Settings > My Templates'.  Under the 'My Templates' tab, filter according to category (Emails, Contracts etc.), or simply use the 'View All' filter in order to showcase your entire template collection.

All purchased templates are named 'XX - Template Name' (XX will be replaced with the first and last initial of the creator's name), to make it easy to find the titles of the ones you've purchased.  Then, simply click on the template you wish to view and/or edit!

You most likely will want to personalize your template a bit to match your particular business and give it that extra personal pop.  Read the template thoroughly and of course, make the proper adjustments. For example: where it says [INSERT PRICING] - enter your pricing. Same thing goes to contacts, company name etc.

As with any of your other templates, you may also duplicate or delete your purchased templates.  To do either of these, click on the template in question's right-side arrow:

Choose 'Duplicate' and now you will have another copy of your template. This is particularly helpful when you wish to make edits but don't want to lose the original version- or if you need to have a similar version with a few changes.  Alternately, if you wish to delete your template (don't worry, it will only delete this specific template and not the entire purchased pack), choose 'Delete'. When the warning popup appears, click again on 'Delete'. Your template will now be removed.

But 'OH NO!' you may say!?!  I just deleted a template that I paid for and now it's gone?  Fear not young grasshopper, you may restore any of your purchased templates back to your account.  Just keep in mind that you would be restoring the original prior to any changes you may have made in the past.  To reinstall any of the previously purchased templates:

  • Click on the 'Purchased Templates' tab at the top.
  • Click on the 'Uninstall' button of the relevant pack.
  • Now that the pack has been uninstalled- click on the 'Install' button of that pack.
  • The pack has now been re-installed with all of its original templates.

You may also simply stop after pressing 'Uninstall' if you would like to not install your template pack again

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