-- Welcome to 17hats! --

Whether you're a seasoned tech pro or just starting to transition over from pen and paper, setting up your account can feel like a chore.

Fret not! We're here to simplify the process and guide you through it. We'll even share some tips and tricks along the way as well as best practices from our power users.

Stay tuned until the end to learn how to redeem your free 17hats Essentials Pack! 

-- Get Familiar with your Account Settings --

Having the proper settings early on allows your account to run smoothly and decreases the amount of work you'll have to do in the future.

To find your Account Settings, click on the gear-shaped icon in the upper right-hand corner of your screen.

>> Step 1: My Profile
17hats will use this area to pre-fill your business information on all your documents. Click on the Edit button to your right-hand side to configure these settings.

  • Mobile phone: want to take advantage of SMS notifications for when new leads come in, and documents are complete? Of course, you do! Type in your number here to receive these updates on your phone.
  • Business name and address: update this information as it will feed into the system as well as all 17hats documents once added to a project. 
  • Upload your logo: this image will appear at the top of your quotes, contracts, invoices, and questionnaires, as well as your document emails.

>> Step 2: Brand Preferences
Customize the look of your 17hats account to suit your style and brand. Click on the Edit button to your right-hand side to configure these settings.

  • Domain: we recommend that you enter your business name here. This will allow your company name to become the subdomain for 17hats which your clients will see in the URL of the documents that they receive.

Before changing the domain name:

After changing the domain name:

  • Time zone: set your time zone to allow your calendar events and scheduling functions to work correctly.
  • Button color: select the color of your choice to match your company's look and feel. These buttons will appear on your important documents, emails and lead capture forms to allow clients to complete specific actions.

>> Step 3: Invoice Options
Here you can control how you take payments through 17hats. Click on Edit Invoice Options.

  • Currency: we support one type of currency per account. The list of available currencies is updated periodically so if you do not see yours listed, please submit a request to support@17hats.com.
  • Invoice footer: the message you type in here will populate at the bottom of all of your invoices. Tip: this where you can detail information such as your refund policy or mailing address for sending checks.
  • Reminders: you'll want to take advantage of these, especially if you use a payment plan. Once activated, invoice reminders will automatically go out to your clients at 10:00 am in your local time zone, on the schedule you set.  Click here to read more about how invoice reminders work.
  • Payment options: want to take online payments? You can connect with one of the four processors that we integrate with: Square, Stripe, PayPal or Authorize.net. You'll need to have an account created with the provider of your choice before syncing it to your 17hats account. Interested in accepting ACH payments through Stripe? Read more about how to activate this payment option here.

>> Step 4: My Tax Settings
Click on the Add Tax Rate button to get started.

  • Tax rates: add in the tax rate(s) for your goods/services. You can create as many as you'd like!

-- Nice work. Just two more steps to go! --

>> Step 5: Email Settings

Syncing your email will allow 17hats to record your correspondences with leads and clients whether you choose to send the messages through our system or your regular email inbox. Click on Connect Account under Email Account. Need a hand with your SMPT server settings? We've got you covered! Click here.

  • What emails will show in 17hats? We’ll only grab emails from people who are in the system as a contact. That's right, no spam or personal messages will clutter up your account. If you have a client who writes you from multiple email addresses, make sure to add all of those emails to their contact profile.
  • Can I sync more than one email? Yes! You can sync multiple incoming servers to your 17hats account. Check out this article here for more information on how emails are received and sent.
  • Outgoing server: we hate when emails land in your customer's spam/junk box. Don’t forget to change your Outgoing Server over to your email provider to increase your email deliverability score. To do this, click on Change Outgoing Settings. Learn more about email delivery here.
  • BCC: check this option to get blind copied on the emails and documents that you send out to your clients through 17hats. 
  • Enable Read Receipts: want to know when your clients read an email? Of course, you do! Select this box to see when recipients first read an email. Note: this can cause your spam score to increase.
  • Show e-mails on overview: check this option if you'd like for emails from your contacts to display on your overview screen. 

You'll also want to set up your Email Reminders and Email Signature within your "Email Settings" by navigating to those specific tabs.

  • Email signatures: add in as many as you'd like! Need help with customizing your signature? Take a look at this helpful article.
  • Email Reminders: You can turn on email reminders for each document type within 17hats. Click here to learn more.

>> Step 6: Calendars
17hats integrates with Google Calendar. Here you can sync your calendar as well as set up as many native 17hats calendars as you'd like. Click on Connect Google Calendar. 

  • Want to sync more than one Google Calendar? Here's how.
  • Add a new calendar: here you can create multiple 17hats calendars. There's no limit on how many! These calendars will stay within your account and do not sync anywhere else.

Tip: here are some calendar management tricks from the pros:

  • Keep events like booked jobs and appointments on your synced Google Calendar.
  • Keep to-dos and other notifications like client birthdays on a 17hats calendar.
  • Keep your tentative bookings on a separate calendar from your confirmed bookings to avoid any potential confusion.

Here's how the above calendar settings will look once they're in place:

-- That's it! See? We told you it'd be a breeze! --

Not only did you just set up the essentials within your account, but you've also laid the groundwork to getting more organized, saving more time and looking more professional.

Now to really kickstart your account setup, download your free 17hats Essentials Template Pack from our Template Marketplace. Get all of the documents you need to start working with your clients now!

From your Account Settings, go to My Templates and click on Template Marketplace. #BusinessBoss.

-- Ready to send out your first invoice? --

Move on to our invoicing section here.

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