-- Online Payments --

With 17hats, you can easily create an invoice and accept and track payments via credit card, cash or checks. 

Accept eChecks? Take advantage of Stripe's ACH payment option at under $5 per transaction! 

-- The Combo: Quote, Contract, Invoice --

Send your quote, contract and invoice together in one mailing. Your clients will be able to accept their quote, sign their contract and then immediately process a payment on the invoice that's generated from the selection that they made on their quote - all without leaving the screen!

Payment plans can also be attached so that your client can make the appropriate payment amount due.

To take advantage of this option, check the Invoice, Contract and Payment Schedule boxes inside your quote document settings.

-- Invoice Reminders --

Hate following up on past due payments or tend to forget about them altogether? Stop leaving money on the table! Turn on your invoice reminders and let 17hats automatically send an email reminder to your clients one day before a payment is due and once a month for past due payments. Reminders go out at 10am in your local time zone.

-- Recurring Invoices --

Automate the sending of invoices on a regular basis to your clients - whether that be weekly, monthly, yearly or whatever makes the most sense for your business. You can set how long the recurrence will last and how much each recurrence will be.

To activate this option, just check the Recurring Invoice box within the invoice document.

-- Overview Page --

Say goodbye to that excel spreadsheet! Your dashboard will notify and remind you of past due and pending invoices so that you'll always know where you are with outstanding payments.

Need an overview of all of your invoices? Click on DOCUMENTS from the features tab to see all of your important forms and filter them by status or type. 

Keep track of payments collected this year, total amount of past due payments as well as what's coming up in the next 30 days, 60 days or more!

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