-- Workflows -- 

A Workflow is a checklist of steps and to dos that you go through over and over again for your clients. In essence, it's your process! Workflows can help guide you through your series of tasks and remind you of what needs to be taken care of, or they can complete some of those steps for you.

  • Automatically send important documents (e.g. Quotes, Contracts, Invoices, Questionnaires) and emails at a scheduled date.
  • Automatically trigger the start of another workflow at a scheduled date.

-- Lead Capture Form -- 

Put simply, a Lead Capture Form is an online contact form. While these forms are a great way for new prospects to get in touch with you, they do much more than just collection information.

  • Automatically creates a contact and project within your account every time the form is filled out. If the email of the contact filling out the form matches with an existing record in 17hats, a new project will be created under the existing contact. 
  • Automatically send out an email response every time the form is filled out.
  • Automatically put the event created from the form on the calendar of your choice.
  • Automatically assign a Lifecycle to the project created from the form.
  • Automatically trigger a workflow every time the form is filled out or when a customer chooses a specific answer from a "Choose from a List" question.
  • Ability to automatically redirect to a specific URL upon the form being submitted or display a message on the screen.
  • Automatically assigns specified tags to contacts (through the Form Details) and projects through a "Choose from a List" question.

-- Invoices -- 

  • You can create a recurring invoice template and set it to be automatically sent on a set schedule - weekly, daily or yearly.
  • Invoice reminders, when turned on, will automatically be sent out to your clients via email 1) One day before a payment is due and 2) once a month for outstanding payments. This is especially useful if you utilize recurring invoices or take advantage of payment plans.

-- Contacts -- 

  • Hot Leads automatically change over to a Client status once they accept a quote, sign a contract or pay an invoice.

-- Lifecycles -- 

Lifecycles are visual progress bars that show you the various stages that your projects are currently in. Click here to learn more about the differences between Lifecycles and Workflows. Lifecycles are a great way to help manage and track the status of your projects, but they can help take tasks off of your plate as well!

  • Automatically change the project date from one calendar to another for you based on the completion of a certain action.
  • Automatically archive lead projects after a specified period of inactivity.

Cheers to doing less work and saving more time!

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