You may view, edit, create new, and delete your invoice/quote products from within your account settings.  Simply navigate to "Account settings", and then "Products".

You may also save any product as you are creating an invoice/quote by toggling the "Save this item for use later" option.  Once the product has been marked as such, it will appear within your account settings too:

This page is useful if you have created and saved products in the past that you no longer wish to store in the system.

You may also create a new product from this same page (within your Account Settings).  To do this, press the "+" (plus) button and you will see a popup to create this new product:

Any product created here will then become available when adding an invoice or quote to your projects.  You may of course also create a single use product for any invoice/quote and not have it saved in the system for use later (great for one-offs).

Please note that deleting a product from this list will NOT remove it from any previously created invoices.

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