17hats will bring in emails from all email addresses of contact records that have projects within 17hats. Emails are brought into 17hats in cycles, sometimes taking as little as 5-10 minutes to be added to 17hats, and other times a bit longer.

Email correspondence in 17hats does not behave like a traditional inbox. Use your regular email client when you prefer to review all email.

On the "Overview" screen in the "Let's take care of Business" section, incoming emails from your contacts will display like below.

You'll notice they appear by project, so if you would like to move emails between projects for the same contact, you can do so by clicking on the email and selecting the drop-down:

*Note: You can not move emails between contact records/projects from different contacts, due to those emails being linked directly to the contact/email address listed.

When you're in a particular project, you will also see a list of emails sent and received to/from that contact at the bottom of the project page, under "Emails":

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