-- A new prospect comes in -- 

Below we're going to walk you through a process you can set up for your new leads. Here's a video tutorial that explains how to set up up a lead capture form.  Here's another link to our Lead Capture Form section for more information as well. 

Lead Capture Forms allow your client to contact you from various places. Once the Lead Capture Form is submitted, 17hats creates a new contact record and project using the leads contact information. The completed lead capture form is saved in the project as well.  

Let's say that Tina Koro is a new prospect who fills out my 17hats Lead Capture Form on my website. 

Once she hits Submit, 17hats takes the information she entered in and automatically creates inside of my account:

  • A new contact record for her
  • A new project under her contact
  • An event date on my designated calendar
  • Starts an assigned Workflow 

Below is Tina's new project page where all additional information regarding the job will be housed (e.g., emails, notes, documents, workflows, etc.) 

You can see that I have a Workflow for Tina called "Package A Workflow" that was triggered by my Lead Capture Form. Let's click on that and see what my next steps are.

-- Let's move the process forward --

My Workflow will now guide me through my checklist of steps that I've built in ahead of time. This ensures that I don't miss a step with Tina and guarantees that she receives the same high-level of service that I offer to all of my clients.

Best of all, Workflow Action steps that require me to send something to Tina (e.g., an email or business document) will automatically pull from my library of pre-made templates so that I don't ever have to do the same work twice. I can have my workflow send out these templates automatically for me on a scheduled date or choose to approve them before I send them manually.

-- Send booking documents --

Suppose we move along, and Tina expresses to me that she's ready to book. I'm going to now send her a Quote, Contract and Invoice all in one mailing. These documents can either be built into a Workflow if they're a part of my standard process or they can be sent outside of a Workflow directly from Tina's project.

I'm going to use a Quote template that I've created ahead of time called "Package A" which includes the Contract and Invoice options. This Quote template is composed of various other items that I've set up previously within my account:

  • The line item shown on the Quote came from my list of Products under Account Settings.
  • The tax rate that I'm using on my line item came from my Tax Settings under Account Settings as well.
  • The Contract that I'm choosing to include along with the Quote was created and saved under My Templates.
  • When I'm ready to send my booking documents to Tina, I'll get to choose an email template of my choice from My Templates.

Once Tina accepts her quote, signs her contract and pays her invoice, a few updates will have occurred automatically within her project:

  • Her contact type will have changed from Hot Lead to Client
  • The status of her booking documents will show as completed
  • Completed workflows will also show as such
  • Income collected through this project will be reflected under the Finances Up to Date section

-- Stay up to date on your financials -- 

The payment that Tina made on her invoice will also be recorded within my Bookkeeping module.

Within this tab, I can manage and categorize all of my transactions from other invoices and synced bank accounts. I can also generate the following reports:

-- Got more questions? -- 

Start a conversation with our Business Support team by clicking on the messenger in the lower right-hand corner. We'd love to help out!

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