Many users have multiple businesses/brands and therefore would need multiple different accounts to manage each one individually.  In the past, you would need to create a new account for each brand resulting in you logging in and out of them all day long to keep up.  At 17hats, we are all about efficiency so we offer the ability to manage ALL of these accounts under a single master login!

To add a second account (or third, fourth, etc...), click on your logo on the top right hand side of the page. Then, use the dropdown from the banner at the top of your page to select "Create New Account".  This is also where you will be able to switch between all of your accounts later:

Note: You can also add a second account by clicking the cog icon to get to your account settings. Then, scroll down and click the "add brand" or "link account" button located under your logo. 

After pressing "Create New Account", you will be guided through the new account setup process:

But what do you do if you already have an account and would simply like to link it?  Easy!  Simply navigate to Account Settings > My Profile" and press the "Link Account" button.  You may alternatively add/create a new account on this page as well:

When using the "Link Account" to add an existing account, you will then be prompted to enter the email address and password for the account you'd like to link to your single sign-on profile.  An email will be sent that you then must confirm before the accounts are connected.  Once you click the confirmation link in the email, your account will have been successfully linked.

Now for the fun part... switching between accounts!  This is done from the banner at the top of the page.  Clicking on any of your connected accounts here will switch to that account immediately:

Please note that you must have a paid subscription to take advantage of this feature. This feature is not available for Free Trial users.

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