Customizing Your Client Portal - Global Settings

It's easy to add customized branding and images to your client portal! The  Favicon, Cover Image and Welcome Message for the client portal can all be updated in your Account Settings, under the Client Portal section.

Note: Changes made here are "global" and apply each contact/client's portal for each contact/client.

Favicon: Favicons are tiny icons you see on browser tabs. They help extend your branding and assure your clients they're in the right place! Upload a favicon with the dimensions of 123x123px.

Cover Image: If uploaded, the cover image will be placed at the top of your client portal allowing you to add custom branding. For best results, we recommend using an image that has the dimensions of 1140x220px. 

Default Welcome Message: Set a customized welcome message for all your clients to see when they access their client portal.

As you customize your Client Portal, preview the portal in real time to see exactly what your clients will see.

Client Access

  • For existing contacts (Prior to client portal launch) you will need to activate their portal within their project. The portal will automatically be active for all new contacts.
  • All contacts will have their own client portal, with access to all projects associated with that contact. Clients may filter the documents by project in the Client Portal.
    Note: all projects for this contact will show in their Client Portal, including archived projects. 
  • Any documents that have been sent to your contact will show up in the Client Portal. If they have not been sent (still drafts), they will not appear. 
  • Clients are able to edit their own personal information in the client portal, including contact info, birthday, social media, etc. but they cannot edit any event details or documents.
  • Optional PIN protection can be added for each of your clients, and a token-ized email will send them the link and appropriate PIN - this is optional, not required.
  • You can add quotes, contracts, questionnaires, and invoices to the Client Portal, but email correspondence lives only in the project page inside 17hats.
  • Clients cannot upload documents to their Client Portal


  • Clients cannot upload documents to their Client Portal
  • Files on the Client's Project will not carry over to the Client Portal
  • If you wish to add files to the Client Portal, they will need to be hosted elsewhere (GoogleDrive for example), with a link to the document(s) added to the Client's custom 'Welcome Message.'

Customization Per Contact/Client: Project Settings

You can override the global customization and customize individual contact's portal. You can change the header and welcome message for each individual client by opening their project, and enabling Client Portal Access by turning the toggle on (Only for contacts which existed pre portal. As of release date, Client Portal will automatically be enabled for all new contacts.)  Within each project page, to expand your customization options, click the dropdown arrow to the right of "E-mail Link" in the header.

Note: Changes made here are client/contact-specific and apply to just this client/contact's individual client portal (not global)

Allow Client Edits: You can change your settings to allow Client Edits.  Clients will be able to edit their own personal information (name, e-mail, phone number, address, birthday, etc.) and their changes will be reflected in their contact details when saved. Clients will not be able to edit event information or completed documents in the client portal.

Cover Image and Custom Welcome Message: In the project, you can choose to enable a custom Cover Image and Welcome Message for your client, which will override the global settings for that client only. For best results, we recommend using an image that has the dimensions of 1140x220px. 

Invoices, Quotes, Contracts and Questionnaires: Clients will automatically be able to view and complete all sent documents for all projects. You can override the setting by turning on or off the documents you would like to be accessible. For example: If you only want to show this specific client his/her Invoices, toggle off Quotes, Contracts and Questionnaires. If one toggle is changed, it will override all the other important documents. 

PIN Protection: We highly recommend for you to enable PIN protection for your clients' portal. By toggling on PIN Protection a customized four digit PIN will be generated for you. You can override the generated PIN to create one that is easily memorable by your contact/client. 

Client Portal E-mail Template:

You can send your Client the link to their Client Portal along with their PIN, using the "E-mail Link" button. The e-mail template will open as a pop up.

Keep in mind

  • This template has been set up for both Client's with PINs & without PINs, you do not need to edit this each time.
  • You can edit the e-mail template, but you can’t delete it or have another for the same purpose.

What your Client sees:

Multi-User Permissions

All Admin-level users will have access to the Client Portal. Team Members who have permissions to view contracts, invoices, and quotes enabled will be able to view and access the client portal for all contacts. To block a user (Team Member) from seeing the client portal, just disable one or all three of those permissions. 

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