Calendar events will be important to add individually, and are separate from the Project date itself. (These events are automatically created when you add a project date). 

So how do you add a new event?
In Calendars, click on a date, and the "add event" window appears.

Important things to note : 

  • The Calendar drop-down menu will show both 17hats and active Google Calendars. Assign your event accordingly. 
  • For events that span multiple days, the option to add a later date as the end date will appear once you give your event a start time. 
  • You can assign events to projects, they will then appear under your "events" tab on the project page. Assigning a project to an event WILL NOT make this event date the Project Date. 
  • Google Calendars will sync both ways and across all devices that are connected to your Google Account. That being said, your events have to be assigned to the Google Calendar connected to 17hats.

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Quick Tip
Name your calendars (Google) or (17hats) to remind you which event items will sync and which will not. 

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